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I must be one of the most sprung people ever. I am so in love with my city. As I type this, cheesy as it may be, I am in an office in my building on the 7th floor with all of the window blinds wide open. I am admiring this BEAUTIFUL city of mine. I am definitely a city girl at heart. I love watching the cars drive by. I love all the city lights, watching these random buildings with different floors lit up. Thinking about this city being alive and what each person may be doing. Seeing the street lights fade from red to green to yellow, and back to red again. Watching people cross the streets, looking off to the lights in the distance. GOD I love my city. I am so proud to be from here. I love how alive the city makes me feel. I love watching the life breath in and out of it. My dream home is a condo in one of these top high rises in the city. One side of my condo would overlook lake michigan (I am a pisces after all). The other side would overlook the city. I am so in love with these twinkling lights. I am just reminded about what each season brings. Great food, summer festivals, ice skating in the winter, the diversity of this city, how so many things can bring so many folks together and then pull them in different directions all at the same time. Just absolutely frickin' amazing. I don't care how lame I sound right now, i love my city. I love everything it represents. Chi-town is a fantastic blend of everything one needs. All the good, bad, and the ugly. Well, maybe not alllll that, but it's still home. No matter how far away I move, Chicago will ALWAYS and has ALWAYS been home. THIS is why no matter how far away Kanye or Common get, the fact they still rep home means so much to me. This is a large part of why I love the movie "love jones". This is why I... (Found in my Drafts from- who knows how long ago)


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